Seahorse Counterfeits Jeopardize Your Life


Counterfeits are DANGEROUS.
      The production of these life vests are not regulated for safety, and are being made with substandard componentry that compromise their effectiveness as a safety device. Most counterfeit life jackets do not meet minimum buoyancy requirements, nor have properly positioned or sewn componentry, defeating it's function. It is distressing that companies are knowingly counterfeiting and reselling, and purchasers acquiring these safety products for their employees all in the name of profit.
      It is important to verify that the personal floatation device you are buying was manufactured by Taylortec, INC. We are honored to have distributors around the world, and would be happy to help verify businesses as resellers of our products.  Concerned buyers may also email us to verify resellers, or send photos of questionable life jackets so we may confirm their authenticity. 
      Unfortunately there are not many ways that we as a small, American business can regulate the international counterfeit market. There is almost no legal action possible, nor a way to publicize a complete list of counterfeit indicators that wouldn't in turn help high-profile counterfeiters manufacture even more deceptive Seahorse work vests. It is important for buyers to validate businesses and life jackets before purchase taking whatever steps they can
      Counterfeit Seahorse work vests are so misleading that they can have the same address, business phone number, website, and even listed USCG approval number as Taylortec. 
      On the other hand, this can be one of the first ways to spot a fraudulent Seahorse work vest: Taylortec only has one business address, only phone 800 international phone number, only one email address, and only one website. Anything else listed on the life jacket was not produced by us and should be considered suspicious. 
      Please beware that should the work vests you are buying not function properly, you and the manufacturer are subject to law suits, and at worst may be responsible for personal injury or death.
We hope this helps.
We are available to assist in any way we can. 

Below is a list of fradulant websites/ companies claiming to sell "the Seahorse" work vest with no other brand name identified (we are not naming knockoffs, just life jackets listed as 'Seahorse" that are not). If you are aware of more companies, please let us know so we may list them here. This is not a complete list- there are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites selling fake "Seahorse" work vests.