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Taylortec has served safety requirements on ferry boats, cruise ships, wharves, docks, offshore oil platforms, excursion boats, work boats, and other maritime enterprises since 1964.

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Counterfeit Seahorse WV-10 Work Vest has surfaced once again!!!!

Please be advised that there is a Counterfeit Seahorse WV-10 Work Vest being circulated on the market at this time. It has our exact Seahorse logo on the front, and similar stencils inside and at first glance could be mistaken for our WV-10.

The counterfeit Work Vest can be identified by the following points:

  1. It carries a stencil on the inside of the back foam piece, however it does not carry the Taylortec, Inc. name anywhere on the work vest, nor does it carry the U.S.C.G. certificate approval numbers in the stencil.

  2. It has the letters “CE” stenciled on the inside of the back foam piece.

  3. It has a blue tag attached with our logo that says “Work Vest Only”, and “New and Improved” in parenthesis.

  4. It has single stitching on the webbing rather than the U.S.C.G. approved tacks for strength on the webbing.

  5. It has loosely attached webbing that can be easily moved around the foam pieces.

  6. It has a very poor quality orange vinyl coating that is not UL or U.S.C.G. approved.

We have always taken great pride in producing a high quality, U.S.C.G. approved work vest that withstands the rugged demands the industry puts on them, while maintaining its lifesaving capabilities.

Please contact us via email at if you have encountered any of these counterfeit work vests.

Wishing you safety at work and on the water.


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