Worried if you're buying real 'Seahorse' work vests?

International customers may have a difficult time telling apart real, American-made WV-10's from the China-made counterfeits. 


This is a topic for both our international distributors and their customers. 

Counterfeits are DANGEROUS. The production of these life vests are not regulated for safety, and these life vests are being made with cheap components that put your life at risk. It is important to verify that the product you are buying was manufactured by Taylortec INC. in Hammond, Louisiana, ONLY. 

We are proud to have loyal distributors across the World, and would be happy to help verify that a distributor/ seller of Taylortec products is a verified customer of ours. 

Counterfeit work vests can be stenciled with the same address, phone number, website information, and even USCG approval as us. This is no longer a verifiable way to identify a genuine 'Seahorse' from a counterfeit. However, there is only ONE Taylortec email. Only ONE website. Only ONE international phone number. Only ONE business address. We do not have any branches, affiliates, warehouses, or other locations other than in Hammond, LA, where Taylortec products are manufactured and sold to distributors. If any other address, email, or phone number is listed on the work vest, or provided by a 'seller'- this is not us. 

I hope this helps you, and keeps you safe. 

Take care, 

Team Taylortec.